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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design College of Arts and Sciences

Interior Design

Gallery of Student Works


sketches Sketches Pencil drawings of various objects found in nature or in the studio. Perspective and shades and shadows are applied.
Typographic Analysis Two dimensional compositions that creatively explore the typography in related to the grids and visual hierachy.
Point, Plane and Volume Study Models Three dimensional models that creatively explore the visual compositions related to the architectural concepts of point, plane and volume.


Structural Package The design challenge of these beverage packages is to integrate function, aesthetics, and structure by using corrugated cardboard.
A Modernist Design Challenge Design of a modernist apartment in the manner of an iconic modernist architect based on the precedent analysis of the architect.
An "After Modern" Design Challenge Design of an "After Modern"apartment in the manner of an iconic postmodern architect based on the precedent analysis of the architect.
Cardboard Chair Design of an ergonomic chair using recycled corrugated cardboard. The challenge is to integrate funtion, aesthetics and structure.
Career Counseling Center Design of a 3,000 square foot university Career Counseling Center for Interior Design faculty and students.


Residential Construction Model Construction models designed for the Habitat for Humanity in Indiana.
Urban Condominium The adaptive re-use of an historic building, originally constructed as a factory, into loft-style condominiums. The space should be designed to accommodate the needs of a person in a wheelchair, utilizing the concepts of Universal Design.
Restaurant Restaurant design for Grazie! Italian Eatery in Bloomington, Indiana.
Graphic Design Office Office design for a growing graphic design firm who is relocating from a single level modern office space into a two level retail/office space in a historic downtown building.
Retail Store Retail store design for eBash video game center with a 4,500 square foot space in a retail strip mall.


Smith Research Center Higher Education master plan development for a center for design studies in Smith Research Center.
Professional Practices Senior portfolio packages for professional-level job searches in the field of Interior Design.
Restaurant Space planning and design services for 5,200 square foot suite on main level of multi-tenant building. Design challenge was to create a new restaurant concept in a neighborhood with established restaurants and retail stores.
Oncology Center Design of a 18,000 square foot Oncology Center which embraces the concepts of a healing environment and includes state of the art technology.
dsg - Design Studies Group