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Fashion Design

How to Earn the Degree

Context and Foundation

The Fashion Design Bachelor of Arts (FD-BA) program is intended to educate students in the philosophy, theory, process, and product of fashion design. Recognizing that “design” is both a noun and a verb, and within many branches of the fashion industry the term “designer” is also used as an adjective, the program explores “design” from several perspectives. The curriculum provides an aesthetic and intellectual environment founded on the design process, enhanced by the interaction of technique, function, technology, and individual creative expression. Courses focus on traditional and experimental techniques as well as the history and theory of fashion as a significant aesthetic language.

The curriculum is structured around the fashion design process; however, it is also closely related to the retail cycle model employed in the BS-Apparel Merchandising major. Both models involve a repetitive pattern of analysis and creativity. The FDBA upholds the essential foundations of the arts and sciences and encourages students to be creative, multidisciplinary thinkers and skilled communicators.

Course Descriptions - College Bulletin 2015-2016

Major in Fashion Design

Minor in Fashion Design

Minor in Apparel Merchandising

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