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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design College of Arts and Sciences

Fashion Design


Facilities-How to Find Us

Memorial Hall East    View Map »
Faculty Offices, 2nd floor
Fashion Design Studio, basement rooms 020C, 020D, 020E

The AMID Apparel Studios, located in Memorial Hall East, offer a well-equipped teaching environment of 24 student work stations in 020E. Each student has a work area and related equipment. Students have access to industrial machines, pressing equipment, drafting and cutting space, related supplies and equipment, dressing rooms, and lockers, some of which are in 020J. A small but useful critique room in 020D offers a space for small group break-out work and seminars, 020C allows 30-40 person classes to cluster 6 people each around approximately 6-7 tables to work on illustration and portfolio development, and the Sage Study Collection in 020I offers access to important apparel pieces for demonstration and analysis.

fdcg - Fashion Design + Culture Group