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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design College of Arts and Sciences

Apparel Merchandising

Career Opportunities

Apparel Merchandising graduates are highly sought after by design, fashion and retail industry firms, which comprise more than 60 percent of the recruiting organizations working through the College of Arts and Science’s career placement office. Graduates in Apparel Merchandising find entry-level jobs in a variety of positions, including but not limited to: merchandise buyer, planner, business analyst, retail manager, showroom and manufacturer sales representative, distributor, product development managers, web product manager, marketing coordinator, and entrepreneur.

Students have extensive opportunities to interact with recruiters and learn about leading retailers on campus through career fairs, class invited lectures, and sponsored activities within student groups.

Career Placement and assistance is available through the Indiana University Career Development Center on campus.


Internship experiences are a very important part of preparing yourself for your first job upon graduation. Students are encouraged to apply for internship opportunities during summer breaks or the school year (as your schedule permits). The university provides opportunities for networking with professionals through the Career Development Center, and some departmental opportunities for exposure come through Retail Studies Organization events, field trips and guest speakers. The department also offers credit for internship experiences that have formalized programs and processes through Y398 Internship in Professional Practice (see College Bulletin).

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